Dr. Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly (Part One)

by Others by No One

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Our crazy debut/conceptual release "Book I: Dr. Breacher" is finally upon us! As a token of our appreciation for the outpouring of support with the music video release, we're dropping the single edit of the epic title track as a free download :) Feel free to scoop it up for free or pay what you want, and thank you all for waiting on this behemoth. Mark down June 11th to return for the entire album and get the whole story, as well as the full twenty minute version of this piece - featuring Native Construct vocalist/Metal Blade Records artist Robert Edens. Enjoy the fruits of our proggy labour and jam on our resident epic, the first half of "Dr. Breacher and the Time Travel Anomaly."


Resting in silent patience
Knowing that I’ll be down here
In this place, it’s all, all that I know now
And I’ll see her again (Again, ‘gain)

Over the horizon, there’s a simple cloud of dust
Features break before my eyes, there she is again
Once above, now my senses thrust into obscurity
Now I awaken, this anomaly fuels my tragedy
Must I breathe life anew?
This jealousy leads me now
Lifelong quest denied

I’m still trying to understand why she has come back to me
This accursed island is haunted
With the hopes and dreams
Of a feeble man who lost his everything
Tell me why, tell me all

Let’s make an impassioned
Look at why this is a mistake
It’s not that I don’t want you here
For I am bleeding years of passion over this project
All for you (For the former you)
And piece by piece I’m building
Building back my former life
That is, that is
Until you came back to me
Explain yourself, what is it you see in me?
(Answers denied, answers denied
As she replies, as she replies)

[She speaks:]
I am the product of a different time
But in this man who gave me life
I shot across the world’s frontiers
To return to the man I hold so dearly
I evolved, a slave to human qualities
They’re meant for humans with destinies
Now I have returned to stay at your side
(Feeling now emotion, has she slipped across the fog?)

I am yours
(Faithful input courtesy)
I am your sight
(Mechanoid destiny)
Chosen balance complete, for I’m
(For she is your sister)
I am not, I am not part of her design
(Past mended)
Address me, for I am now complete
(Why go back now? There’s no need for it)

(Answers inside, no longer people
Angels fear not the darkness
I’m still trying to understand how he could find
Love here inside of me, ahhhhh!)

Child who once fell, heed no more emotions
You are the product of selfishness and restraint
I am he, foolish for lifetimes
The vast inconsiderance

AHHHHH!!!!! What are you?!
Sister, daughter?
I’m trying to reach you, so
Save your words for your brother
No, I’m just a man
Breacher, who loves her

Shelter me, guide me with kind devotion
The universe in motion like the vastness of the ocean
(Shelter me)
What’s once yours, mine to regret
(Guide me with kind devotion)
Take your place in my arms, darling, my pet
No longer are we different
Side by side, we’ll see this future yet (Past)

Pain motioned, to the brain
So withered, yet not traumatized
I have looked inside myself
Scientist that I am, I am finding
New hope in here
From the most unlikeliest of places
My own heart

(Shelter me, guide me with kind devotion
This is how it should be
And this, bring back to me)

Find us a place to rest our heads tonight
We’ll be the only ones
To experience all of this beautiful candlelight
Do you feel me tonight?
And we’ll dance, oh, we’ll dance
We’ll dance all night, here to stay, all the way
Om (Take me back)
Om, stop fighting this sway

For my heart will sink down with me
This vessel is
This vessel is lost, so
“Go on without me. Leave me here.
Why save an old man
Who can’t even save the one he loves?”
Save your strength, Breacher, my love
You are no longer father, no longer mentor
You are not a brother, you are God

Let’s go down to the beach
Down here, here to stay
We are one


released May 1, 2017
Max Mobarry - Lead/Backing Vocals, Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Programming, Lyrics
Mike Gregg - Lead Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Quique Bucio - Bass, Backing Vocals
Sam Ruff - Drums and Percussion

Recorded July 4-15 of 2016 at the Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jamie King
Produced by Jamie King and Max Mobarry
Single Artwork by Stefan Soc and Max Mobarry

Music: Max Mobarry, Mike Gregg, Quique Bucio
Lyrics: Max Mobarry



all rights reserved


Others by No One Dayton, Ohio

Insane, talented, technical, crazy group of entertainers called Others by No One bring the thunder with progressive chops and a passion for composition. Prepare to be confused or something.

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